Spring 2017 Student Social Emotional Survey Statistics


The HeartBridge Personal Competencies curriculum was piloted by six Arkansan schools in 2016-17 school year. At the end of the year, a survey was given to all of the students who had completed the curriculum (they will be marked HeartBridge). A control group with similar demographics as the group who were part of the program, but who did not have any social-emotional instruction, also took the survey (they will be marked Non-HB). The results, which will be shown below, show a clear increase in the number of responses which were answered in the positive by the students who were part of the HeartBridge program, compared with that of the control group, Non-HB. This survey was prepared by Panorama Education, a data-resourcing company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

HeartBridge: 71% Favorable AnswersHeartBridge: 61% Favorable Answers
Non-HB: 49% Favorable AnswersNon-HB: 49% Favorable Answers
Percentage Difference: 45% Increase Percentage Difference: 24% Increase
-40% Favorable Answers-51% Favorable Answers
-26% Favorable Answers-45% Favorable Answers
Percentage Difference: 54% IncreasePercentage Difference: 13% Increase
HeartBridge: 47% Favorable Answers HeartBridge: 54% Favorable Answers
Non-HB: 37% Favorable AnswersNon-HB: 38% Favorable Answers
HeartBridge: 47% Favorable AnswersPercentage Difference: 42% Increase

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