SEL Outcomes for Students

SEL Outcomes for Students

Education has to be about our students are their development. In the past few years, it seems that that focus has shifted to national testing scores and how we are doing compared to other countries. But in that time, we have also had an increase in mass shootings, violent murders, and racially-charged hate crimes. We have forgotten that academics is just one aspect of education; the developing of socially minded and emotionally balanced young adults is the our responsibility as educators. Our focus has to shift back to producing students who are prepared to face the many challenges that are happening in our world today.

The benefits of SEL for our students are:

  • increased stress resilience
  • greater empathy
  • decrease in depressive symptoms
  • greater peer acceptance
  • increased academic performance
  • increased well-being
  • better college preparedness
  • decreased rates of substance use and abuse
  • greater financial stability
  • better overall physical health
  • changed mindsets

Students who receive SEL programming (as compared with control groups) perform:

  • 9 percentile points lower in emotional distress

Teachers surveyed overwhelmingly believe SEL programs benefit students by:

  • Preparing them for the workforce (87%)
  • Fostering good citizenship (87%)
  • Increasing their ability to be successful in school and ultimately graduate (80%)
  • Preparing them for college (78%)