HeartBridge Learning Lab -about us

The HeartBridge Learning Lab is a collection of hard-working individuals with over thirty-years of experience working with children. In the past eight years, we have experimented with different learning techniques and unique instructional methods to best teach the students of the 21st-Century. Our passion has driven us to find the best way to combine academic instruction with social-emotional learning, so that in our learning lab we can produce responsible and rational young adults. We have built our system on the following foundations: _____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Develop growth mindsets: Academic performance is important, but our mission is to go beyond academics to reach each students’ core values which encompass who we are as unique individuals. Developing and changing the fixed mindsets that cripple the potential within each and every one of us is far more important than the recitation of facts and figures.
  1. Academic relevanceWe relate all academic subjects simply and logically to the student’s outside world through practical application. We teach the significance of the material taught so that the learner may understand what he or she is learning with relevance to their lives. We allow the learner to make the proper connections between the information and what they want to do in life.
  1. Teach responsible moral choicesOur moral code is the foundation for who we are and what we will become. Most schools have abandoned the teaching of morality and ethics in favor of pure academics, and that is being reflected in our society’s problems and future direction. We encourage students to develop their own sense of right and wrong through challenging discussions, roundtable debates, community lectures, and individual goal setting.
  1. Teach economic sustainabilityWe prepare our students for the shifting focus of 21st-century economics. We recognize that the industrial-driven economy has been replaced by a much more technology-driven system, and we want our students to be prepared for the job market. Besides social-emotional training, all students learn computer coding, collaboration, real-world application, and entrepreneurial thinking.
  1. Empower and return leaders to the community: We empower our students to learn on their own and accept responsibility for their role in society. We teach leadership and team building skills that will give them the confidence to make a difference in the lives of others, thus strengthening and improving their communities and ultimately our country.

HeartBridge Learning Lab is committed to:

  1. Creating new learning modelsThrough research, data collection, knowledge-sharing, and trial and error, we have evolved as a leading learning model. Our learning lab is constantly evaluating our methods, curriculum, and process to refine the learning experience so that it maximizes the desired outcomes. With knowledge being so accessible, society shifts so commonplace, and digital influences on the rise, we know learning methods must accommodate the Millennial learner, as well as the succeeding generations. We must be constantly searching and learning as an institution or this generation will lose its chance at exceeding our own.
  1. Gathering information with and from the worldThe social function of education should be sharing data, information, and learning strategies that could correspond with other institutions. HeartBridge Learning Center’s desire is to be a kind of clearinghouse for what works and what does not. Our website, blogs, and Twitter and Facebook accounts are a collection and distribution point for learning models around the world. We hope to act as a lightning rod for information, to be struck and conduct information to the rest of the world.
  1. Training others in alternative systems for school development: With our combination of personalized academic learning and social-emotional learning, great teachers or facilitators are critical to the success of our program. The best idea in the world will fail if it does not have the right people to implement it. Our system of training consists of webinars, videos, and blog posts. In-house consulting is also available, as is attending an annual conference.

HeartBridge Learning Lab